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Why I got banned

I have played this game since it start in close beta and paid for founder pack then I never play it for long time now I cant enter to server with permanently banned , so how this happened??

You registered this new account just to post this on the forum. Maybe posting this with your main account can help the process ;^)

IGN of your main account helps too, btw

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play since close beta, join forum 7 hours ago
what a joke

Hello azygous_be.alone,

Kindly send us a support ticket for assistance regarding the matter.

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telsiai huh.

tell us your ign let us judge.

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As far I remember, old account was deleted if you never login in the past 2 years. To add lemon and salt to your injury, your team name might already claimed by others, so your account may not exist anymore. To further add more salt, your steam might be taken as bot or reported as bot by others, which put you in permanent ban.

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No its not deleted.I have alt that took more than 2 years rest.
Its just your name is released back into pool. If you are lucky you can take it back. In addition all your characters are offered class tree change if it exist before scout class.

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Where to find IGN , I play it throgh steam?

try sending a ticket and hope they respond, and answer your inquiries.

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hmmm, if you can’t remember ur team name, it might be a bit difficult to narrow down.

Oh I see. I forgot it already LOL 5 years ago.

u can try ask if they can pinpoint it thru steam ID. doesnt hurt in asking.