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Why DON'T we have a Freely PvP Arena?

Guys, I’m playing this game for a while only based on my hopeness, and one thing that I really NEVER understood, and no one has EVER give me a clearly answer, maybe because it doesn’t even exist:

Why DON’T we have a Freely PvP Arena?

We really need that on TOS.

ToS has started with the WRONG idea, and that’s clean as pure crystal, and we can’t say that isn’t getting better with the time. Recently we got a lot of improvements, and the game becames more competitive and funny, even it insists on a lot of TRASH RNG BARGAGE.

The problem is: once you get on endgame, with your items, and stuffs, you reach an endline, just because you can’t test your builds or skills as much as you like, or compete with your enemies, rivals or even friends. … The game is like a communism regime … You TELL us EVERYTHING we should do and WHEN we need to do… And believe me, IT ISN’T WORKING AT ALL! JUST LOOK at the NUMBERS…

well do u think players have not been saying this like for 3-4 years??
it has 2+ 2 hours of Team Battle League. with 3 vs 3 automatch.
TOS is mostly PVE focused and not PVP.
and just enter TBL for 1 time and see…with 80+ classes and the confusions. Good luck finding the balance in PVP xD.
Then u will see why it is only limited PVP.

3-4 years… so, it’s time to change… and they’re too late already.