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Why dont IMC Merge EU,SA,NA Servers?

We have an small community at game, i guess IMC could just merge servers in just one so we would have more competition at game.

when that happens it will be the end for ITOS.
mainly due to lag, ping and gtw/gems/??? times.


I mean , if IMC choose an NA server the ping wouldnt be so high.

Old SA servers were hosted on NA and people hated it


For you…


Could work until the first GTW when 400 players tries to take Genar Field, my pc would burn or explode itself :tired:


ew no ty.its itos doomsday i agree. i dont wanna get merged with silute the most and then thanks
fedimian the very least, but i prefer dont


People complaining about lag, just limit the numbers of guild players by map, and you gotta be lucky by finding 400 people in gennar(Period). Servers are dying , that would bring an whole new scenario to the game , about the lag … the beta and pre-beta had more people people than nowadays if u sum all those servers,following this I cant see an good reason to stop and real merge.

Silute not dying… will die if merge, we dont want NA ping.

Not doing Hm… how prove you are wrong? i mean im an silute player TBL no one queueing ,hard contents same pts doing , replacing one or other, i mean why isnt dying ?

Please don’t merge Fedi, we don’t have bots here… :haha:

its not a matter of how many people.
play a game that has a server on the other side of the world and you’ll see how bad this merge idea is.