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Why do people pick Lancer

Trying to fine tune my Hopelite-Cata-Goon build and was thinking of replacing one of the classes to try out Lancer. But my question is why do people choose Lancer over say Hoplite? I just don’t really see the appeal of Lancer over any of my current classes.

Hoplite has 2 awesome critical buffs and spear lunge and an awesome boss killer in Pierce

Cata has the best mobility in the game plus an awesome damage boost from Acrobatic Mount. Plus most of its skill just got buffed.

Dragoon has Dragoon Helm for more damage and awesome damage skills.

Lancer has some mediocre 1time offensive skills and a limited block/physical buff

Well, Lancer does out-DPS’s by a LOT both Cata and Hoplite, Dragoon can compete tho

Crush-Quintain does a lot of DPS with its very low cd, while Gigante Marcha is a nuke with a not-so-longish cd, also Initiate gives armor pen, which is very valuable for EP12 mobs and bosses, Joust and Rhongomiant are decent mobility options

I can recommend trying out Hop-Lancer-Dragoon (thats what im running rn) IMO the only thing Cata is “worth” for is Acrobatic Mount, but you lose so much DPS since all of Cata’s offensive skills are actual trash (except Rush, which is decent at best), if you really want the dmg buff from Acrobatic Mount, just pick Barbarian instead, Frenzy does the same thing, except you also get Warcry and a couple of actual good offensive skills in Seism and Pouncing

but why cata?
it’s just some dmg buff slave, nothing to dps.

lance have +50% damage increase debuff from rhongomiant, the weakness from this class is has many +15 point for skill , they need buff it like hoplite

Unfortunately the tooltip is poorly written.

What the Duel! Art actually does is increase damage you receive from the target you hit with Rhongomiant, but decrease the damage you receive from all other sources.

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is that true? i think they work like increase Lancer damage 50% for dueling target and reduce 25% damage from other source

ok , translate korean text and is really sad art,
If you are attacked by a debuffed target, you take 50% more damage, but take 25% less damage to other enemies.

Thanks for the detailed reply. I think I’ll probably just drop Hoplite since I can get crit chance from other sources like gears. I like the speed of Cata especially with the movement penalty from Dragoon helm. The armor penetration should make up for the lost of the crit buffs from Hoplite.

There are situations where it’s useful.

PVP it can be solid, especially in a GTW environment with many enemies. In PVE, Challenge Mode, especially Singularity, or in a Bossing situation where there are enemies that spawn.

i was wondering , which is superior Goon-Barb-Lancer or Goon-Hop-Lancer?

Hoplite, the buffs/debuffs are stronger and Pierce is one of your highest if not the highest damage skill in bossing situations.

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