Why do people make party for Saalus?


I see people making a lot of effort in the chat to assemble a party for the mission. Is there any benefit that you would not get if you do it solo?


1 - To do it faster
2 - To be able to switch chars and do it multiple times without taking ages


It’s also nice to help each other. :canada:


I haven’t considered the char switching. That is true. Thank you!


Player base drop alot, its hard to find party at the salus npc. So make party is the best way to go multiple times without wait at the npc for ages to someone to join.

  1. To log low level character that won’t get matched and let other carry.
  2. To avoid leech in run, can kick when they afk.


Won’t Saalus also be much harder solo when re:build hits?


to do reincarnate to have a chance of double cube


I always try to find party to save time. Sure all 3 of the maps can be soloed with most build. But it is so much quicker with party. IMO especially the dice map. With 5 people going around, it’s ridiculously fast to spawn all bosses. Today I ran 3x Saalus and all of them were the dice map. If I soloed them all that’ll took ages.


Oh yea, with a full party the dice map is the fastest of the 3.


it’s fun to say thank you to peeps helping u Owo


/goes saalus solo
/uses thank you emote out of habit when it’s done


Yeah today I did the dice map with 2 just ppl in the party… wow… it took waaaay too long…


Oh yeah buddy, pretty lame map. Remove it next patch. Thanks Sir


This thread is quite ironic now in Re:Build seeing how harder Saalus is to complete now…


From what I heard, it is nearly impossible now hahaha.

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