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Why do i feel more euphoria at image below than successfully extracting vaivora ichor?

why do i feel more euphoria at

than successfully extracting lv 3 vaivora ichor?

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early days godly subweapon XD

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Cause one of them is an item that is(was) valuable and strong, while the other is succeeding in being allowed to use an item you already own.

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It’s simple, the game is no longer about exploration, experimentation and going on an adventure (which is what the trailer communicates).

Regarding the euphoria from getting rares. Aside what Fenatte said, there’s also the fact you didn’t had to go through that many enhancement processes to even use what you got. Back in the days, you would just go back into the dungeon to try out the new Arde Dagger power spike, nothing in the game has the plug and play characteristic anymore.

All these enhancements and restrictions split the excitement through each barrier and it stops feeling special unless you get to do something crazy (like going over +25 or something without using premium items). There’s also the fact in the pre-ichor times you would usually get items during your regular progression without taking a detour, so you also had the excitement of getting your power spike on curve instead of repeating the same boring ass cycle for weeks or months.

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I think the answer is simpler and counters something people used to say they loved about Tree. You didn’t craft the Arde dagger. It dropped full. Vaivora is exciting as a drop but anything you craft already had the excitement of getting the recipe or the base mats.

Extracting is the crafting of vaivoras.

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You live in the past and have nostalgia goggles on