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Why can't I re-identifie glacia weapon?

First I thought that I need to put a random ichor from other weapon because glacia had nothing after forging. So I did , but still I can’t manipulate stats with sandra’s magnifiers. I tried few of them by now. They work fine with ep12 savi gear though.
So what’s the catch here? How do I get ichor stats I want?

Glacia items don’t have random stats so there’s no point to re-identify them.

You can’t reidentify ichors. You need to first make a gear with the stats your want using magnifiers, only once you’re satisfied, you create the ichor.

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Well that helps.
So if i take out that ichor and put it in a similar weapon I took it from then it should work.

Not sure what you mean with “Take out that ichor”. To create an ichor you either transmute or extract. Extract only has a 10% chance to succeed but you only need one gear of the type you want. Transmute requires two gears and you get the stats of a random one of those two, but if all gear is at full potential, you have 100% success.

Basically you first create the ichor you want. If you already have an ichor on your Glacia weapon you can unequip it any time you want (it just costs a bit silver). Then you equip the new ichor.

And yes it needs to be of the type you want. (Note that cloth/leather/plate does not matter, you can put an ichor from plate armor into your cloth armor.)

Ah well I ended up buying another weapon who had 6 stats in an ichor. Played with sandra’s magnifiers a bit, I had lots of them left over and made this ichor.
I actually extracted that poor bastard I think it will suffice for now.

Ichored stats can’t be re-identified anymore. Ichors come from Dysnai gears, which is why you can still manipulate stats on Dysnai gears, unlike Glacia.