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Why can't I open companion in another character?

Dear players,

I want to know how many companion that I can have in 1 character and 1 ID because I have a problem as below

My first companion is given by Mail Box in character selection. My second companion is given by a secondary anniversary gift in the stream but my first character has received this gift. My friend told me cannot open 2 companions in the first character. Then I moved the first companion to my second character. After that, The penguin egg in my first character cannot open. The message shows ‘You do not have character/companion slot’
This problem isn’t hurt my feeling much.

I want to ask about the suggestion of my third character. I have played falconer but I cannot buy a hawk. The message shows ‘You do not have character/companion slot’ again.

If you have the answers to solve my problem, you can tell me as the commend.

Thank you

1 Companion AND 1 Falcon (if you are falconer)

As many as you can if you have spare character slots

Then you have no character slot available.
Check your character slot if it’s 4/4 yet.

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Companions take character slots, so if you want more companions you have to buy more character slots

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