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While I dont mind the difficulty of some Hidden Quests

The majority of the Hidden Quests seem to have either wait a certain time to get this one item or go and collect some of this item. In most cases thats not that hard, Time consuming yes, such as Shinobi’s Flower or even just getting the Note. But my gripe come with the new Nak Muay questline. Its a 5 part quest, where 3 of it isnt that hard, and even the gathering of the Bright Ellom Bells i wouldnt consider that hard since it took me about 3 days of grinding on and off of work and gaming. But why is the last part with the Essence such a pain? Its overly difficult in the way that 1, the mobs spawn to far apart, a problem that the Bright Elloms didnt really have since they spawned so close to eachother. 2, The drop rate of the items is so low, combining with the first one this makes the quest monumentally more time consuming and 3. The Map that the Red Medula’s are in is so big that it takes forever just to clear the entire map just once. I know that there are ways to speed farming up, IE asking for help from other classes, but for someone like me who gets on at night when most of the world is sleeping due to work, this makes this quest so much more tedious then it has to be. It took me about 3 days to unlock shinobi, and about 5 days to unlock Appraiser due to farming, but its taken me almost about a week just to get the Bright Ellom Bells and thats with the mobs spawning closely. Sure Nak Mauy is new but why is this prequest so much harder than the previous hidden classes? Im just ranting about this and wanting to at least know if anyone else is getting annoyed with the constant farming for items that seem to hardly drop at all.

That’s one hell of a…

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U are not alone…I am currently farming the bright ellom bell,only has 9 so far:tired:
Can imagine it will be cancerous when i going to farm the meduja later on.