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Which Wizard class should I choose?

Hello! I’m thinking about starting this game again, after a LOOOOOOONG break. I have some questions, and your answers will decide whether I will come back or not.

  1. First of all, I don’t care for PvP and really like PvE. What I’m looking for in a class is the capability of soloing most of the game’s content. I don’t really like depending too much on others, but I do like to be useful in a party, if it comes to it.
  2. How expensive can Wizards be? Are they a good choice for begginners? How is the potion usage?
  3. I want something fun, mainly. I like to hit hard too, though.
  4. I’ve been reading about some classes, and Pyromancer, Elementalist, Warlock and Sage seem really cool, especially the last two. Is there a build that uses these classes, or at least almost all of them?
  5. The last question! I’m not very good with starting a build out of nothing. Are there good builds to follow? I know the game just went through some really big changes, and I’m scared most of the guides are outdated…

Hi! Welcome back to the game.

1) The classes I suggest you look into for soloing capability with potential for party support are:
Pyromancer, Linker, Elementalist, Warlock, and Featherfoot. (You can also choose sage if you really want to, missile hole helps with solo against archer mobs).

Wiz3>Ele3>FF2 or Warlock2 is one of the best builds for damage, and generally, the faster you kill things the easier the game will be. A tip for survivability is to buy Lv15 Condensed HP Potion from market as well as the Huge HP Potions in town Item Merchant (they have separate cooldowns).

If you don’t mind being a bit slower at clearing content then you can also consider:
Sorcerer and Necromancer. Summons boost survivability a lot, and fyi these classes are getting buffs sometime in the near future. Right now, Necromancer is in a better place than Sorcerer, and Necromancer requires less silver.

2) Expenses, potion use, and ease of difficulty are all build dependent. Once you decide on a build, it will be easier to answer this. I don’t think you should have trouble learning to play wizard classes, but there are resources on forum and in game to help you out. Potion use is typically going to be high for all characters (since the rebalance), with the exception of classes that can heal themselves and/or have good invuln/ways of mitigating dmg. For wizard, these classes are Featherfoot, and summoning classes.

3) Different people have fun with different things. If you want to hit hard, then going down the Wizard3 (or Pyro) > Elementalist 3 > Warlock2 or FF2 path sounds right for you.


Leftover skill points are there for your discretion. For Elementalist, the 10 points can be put into freezing sphere or meteor, different people have different preferences.

People also do Pyro with elementalist, but this means you can’t really take warlock (but you can take sage if you want, but that means you won’t be able to get wizard 3 and your casting time will be slower).

5) Just look at the forum post dates to make sure guides are up to date. Can also use a shout megaphone (buy one for one TP from the shop) and ask for help for whatever class you need help for. Usually someone will whisper you!

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Since you like pyro too, wiz>pyro2 is also an option. Wiz 3 gives you the ability to cut cast times in half and make them uninterruptible, reason why it’s very good with ele, but not completely mandatory.

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Thank you so much!
From what you told me, I made up my mind: I’m going with Wiz3>Ele3>Warlock 2. Featherfoot, from what I’ve seen, it’s not to my liking.

First of all, Welcome back to TOS.

Wizards in my opinion are quite one of the cheapest class to fund compared to other classes (as these “other” classes share the same stat and possibly armor). Not really sure if they’re beginner friendly but its workable for newer players.

Potion usage might differ to people. I found myself with my build that I dont really use SP potions during missions and questing after the patch due to my SP regenerating quickly than before. IF you do find difficulty then I think it wont harm you to put some on your SPR since IMC intended to increase sp usage to make SPR more relevant.

Now, onto the builds galore.

Since so far you admired warlock and elementalist.Which are perfect with each other. If that’s the case then I’ll suggest you the “Elememe” build which goes
Wizard c3 > Elem c3 > Warlock c2
This is basically the standard future-proof build for the mage tree.

Another build (which I currently use) might catch your eye. This build gives you alot of skills to use if other skills are on cooldown.
Wiz > Pyro c2 > Elem c3 > Warlock c2.

Sages are often found on support builds as they currenty only give utility than dps. So far, people build sage as
Wiz > Cryo c3 > Chrono c3 > Sage.
This build is very popular as it has alot of utlity for party play, although soloing might be hard.

anything could solo non dungeon nowaday

cryo3chrono3 can easily lvlup to 330 without party to anyone

I hope Enchanter have a very very powerful Lightning type AOE skill like Lord of Vermillion at R9…

I will continue DREAM DREAM DREAM…