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Which musics do you like in TOS?

I always listen to non-lyrics, only instruments musics. I can tell this game has lots of excellent musics.

These are my most fav musics in ToS

  • Amaranto
  • Milden Miles
  • Orsha
  • Synphonia
  • Snow Hills
  • Over The Clouds

Does anyone have any musics to share with? (ToS only). There were a lot of new maps came out with r9 patch. But I don’t have time to visit those new maps

Or has any musics besides than I was mentioned above, would you kindly share them to me?


My two favourites are:

“Chariots of Fire” in the Owl Burial Grounds area:

“The Die is Cast” in the Feretory Hills area:


All TOS music is uploaded on the youtube channel!

Please find all COVERS of music here

For the higher maps, some popular ones are:

Celestial’s Cello collab with Sevin from Sound Fashion Advisor (S.F.A.)

Neuve from S.F.A

Kevin’s - Beautiful than Flowers


The first ones are, without a doubt, all Boss Battle themes, those which have Lithuania lyrics, they are:

O Deive

Deives Veliava

Dienos Advento

I love both the symphonic metal, female choir and religious theme on lyrics. It is just too good to just pass considering someone like me, with the tastes I have.

(I also love the fact that the first two has Matadora master as image)

I believe there are little or maybe no songs that Tree of Savior make me dislike, because one of the two things that this games REALLY DID WELL was the music department. I truly have no other MMO that I like so much on this aspect.

One of my favourite ones is the old GVG bgm, especially after 0:38:


There is no “favourite ToS music” viable without The Die is Cast.

Simply a master piece. I simply love the segment from 1:55. The piano melody is very very satisfying to hear and it blends perfectly with the techno background beat, guitars and strings.

Musics that dragged me into tos as soon as i’ve heard all of it:

1st - Amusement.

This music is very well done. It already have a nostalgic appeal to me. Good old times of questing in the mines.

2nd - Topaz

Topaz should be my most preferred music, but Amusement stands in first for nostalgia reasons. Topaz is a pure achievment. The vibes it gives to me is like - the end of a party. To be more precise, it makes me feel like its a music that plays when you had experienced very happy and social moments, but as everything in the world, it will come to an end.

3rd - Eleminuete

Oh, such a god like level of building up. The build up on this music is so good! Such an addictive track… However, to me it isn’t perfect. If they played the last segment twice, with or without variations, then it would be perfect. I feel that the whole track is perfect, with an amazing build up, and when boom - it finishes right after the climax is reached.

And, obviously, all good games should have good, memorably first stage musics. Tos is no different, here are my picks.

The Dignity of Wrath

It has some kind of build up, albeit not that strong like on Journey in Heaven / Eleminuete. The first time i’ve heard this track i’ve felt in love with it. It doesn’t achieve anything spetacular musically talking, but it has something that makes you feel pumped up, thanks to the segments starting from 2:05 and on. The background beat is also a hell of a drug.

Hommage to zborovye

A clusterfuck of instruments. There are a very, very wide range of instruments. I love the 8 bit square waves, it adds another special touch to this music.

Nu Motion

I think SoundTemp outdid themselves with Nu Motion. Being a FAN of SoundTemp Ragnarok songs, back in 2015 I had the feeling that SoundTemp musics for ToS wouldn’t be on the same level of Ragnarok, until this one played for the first time. It’s a weird song. It has very well defined structure, but the music has many different instrument and effects spreaded all over the track, making the beat sound unique through the track, even being the same from the beginning. It’s like an acid trip. I bet Soundtemp made a lot of experimentation on this song. And they did it right. The ending segment is bizarre as ■■■■ , but have it’s charm, making this track even more weird and special.


Good lord guitar+piano combo. That just too god damn good. The Fedimian fields (Forest of Prayers and others) are pretty “dead” and bland visually. Not that it’s bad, it shows how a place affected by the demons and the trees rotting up would look like. Fedimian fields may be not the most good looking ones, but the entire music list that plays there are simply too good. There is no region track list that is better than Fedimian Fields. It’s makes me stay there just for the pleasure of the musics. The Die is Cast, Viento, Knightage. Nothing beats Fedimian fields.

Journey in Heaven

I love tracks that have build ups. Much like Eleminuete, Journey in Heaven is a pure building up bliss. But, this one feels much different, and it perfectly matches the place it plays for the first time. Roxona Market area - maps with not so much monster density and it’s a desert like area, without many people and the remaining ones are petrified. Yeah, it gives the best tune to express how it’s like to venture on a desert place. Its builds up and reach the climax prefectly - and unlike Eleminuete, the ending is pure bliss, and lasts for the appropriate aumont of time.


A classic style merged with modern beat. Really makes you feel that you’re on an adventure.

And, of course, I can’t go away without talking about Sunset Tracer.

Another excelent track. The intro is amazing, and the background beat is god like. Not fast paced, and gives the impression that it’s something sad. Unlike Topaz that makes me feel alone in the end of a party, Sunset Tracer makes me feel that i’m on a magical land but sad at same time. I have many memories of going to Mage Tower 1F Statue, then running all the way up to the entrance, so I could go to the Dungeons at Fedimian Suburbs. I could use the coin to speed up the process, but I did it the other way around, i’ve stick in the middle of the map, killing these low level Dracos, just to let the music play entirely.

Now, onto one of the best “Party” musics of ToS - when trance is really done right.

Boy’s Anthem

It’s happy and upbeat, but it also gives a very emotional feeling. It’s a drug of a music. It always striked me - the beginning and ending part of the music, I can hear childs playing in the background, like on a break of school class.

Sweet Poison

Another a great piece of music. Totally upbeat, and it has a very catchy melody, something rare on ToS musics, that doesn’t appeal much on catchy melody. I really love the end segment, from 3:00 onwards.


Deja u…

Also, the lack of D’ Lejano disturbs me :neutral_face:

The die is cast is pretty much on everyone’s list, so I’m not gonna mention it.

My favorites are signs of penance, rebirth, level 50 dungeon (forgot name), and pristinee.

@DarkLink64 I like a lot of the ones on your list too. Amusement is my first favorite in this game btw, found it on YouTube before the game even launched.
P.S. Looking at those videos’ thumbnails, the girls in Tree of Savior are so pretty :blush:

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it has this beginning of an adventure feel to it
"fate rarely calls us at the moment of our choosing"

"Goddesses Velociety (banner)" feels like an epic final crisis to overcome

it has this ride the lightning feel similar to guilty gear overture version of “be just or be dead”

Aside from the aforementioned boss theme music, this is my most favorite:

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That’s my favorite for TOS Carol :haha:
S.F.A_Snow in Wonderland


Surely The Die is Cast is really one of amazing musics in ToS. This music was really carved into my feeling when doing the chian quests(pilgrims) in Demon Starving Way. Oh I was read all dialogs while listening this music.

Some ppl love Lithuanian musics. They’re quite unique fir such a mmorpg but they aren’t into my feelings b’cos I prefer non-lyrics music rather than lyrics

All musics are much better when doing quests and read all dialogs. I admit IMC has a good management with musics theme

Yeah! It was the same with me. A friend of mine got his chance on first CBT, then, he invited me to join the second CBT. I was reluctant at first, because I was kinda bored of MMOs (playing only LoL), but, since I value musics a lot in gaming, i’ve asked him to sent me the soundtrack of Tree of Savior. Amusement was the first song to play on the Tos Fan Base OST playlist, and it instantly catched me on :slight_smile:

My first impression of music was Orsha.

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Kevin - Peripeteia right?

November rain (S.F.A) only plays at 1-2 maps
There are some old songs which were removed/re-added throughout patches, which I liked too:
SoundTeMP - Ungettable
S.F.A - Piano War
S.F.A - Desparecido (??)
S.F.A. – Epic (gone?)
S.F.A - Fall of Constantinople (removed?)

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@greyhiem yea that’s the one!


speaking of lithuanian music. i wonder if this is why the game has specifically has a winged costume feature

Surprisingly, no one posted my favorite track. Oh, it’s not on the official channel… Anyway, here it is:

I loved questing in the Orshan jungle maps back in 2016 because of that single track. :heart_eyes:

y’all, this one is lit

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