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Which Legendary set for cleric magic dps?

Hey everyone

My cleric build is exo/druid/pd and I am having trouble figuring out which legendary set I should aim for. ( Velco set, Varna Set, Savinose Set) I would really appreciate some suggestions.

Also curious about what ichor to get like ignas ichors, skia ichors moring ichor, misrus ichor etc.

And is it good to get a 2H mace now because of the extra rubric time or is that not worth it over shield+rod??


Skia Assault

yes 2h mace is better than rod

Depends on what is your goal with the character. If you want to be top DPS, you will have to get a full Varna set with Smugis effect, but this will take a lot of time and effort. And either money (to buy the Varna) or already top DPS to be able to clear the legendary Skia raid. Velco is much easier to get and will be compatible with forthcoming unique 430 ichors, but has 10% less atk/def and you’ll be stuck with Kraujas set. Savinose is budget set and will require few investment, but be prepared to restart farming when episode 12 gets released, as it will become obsolete fast.

I’d say Ignas x 4 (+59 INT/CON), although you can use Moring (+62 INT/+43 CON) which is much easier to get.

Yes, 2h mace with the Rubric ichor.

The two-handed Maul right?

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Thanks for the help!

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Thank you so much for helping out!

Ahh so varna set would be the best choice then.

Oh does ep 12 have new legendary equips? Would investing in varna set be a waste when ep 12 comes out then?

The problem is that episode 12 will come in two parts… and you don’t know how this will occur. Could be in six months… or a year… or more.

First part will bring rare/unique level 430 equipment which will have HUGE stat bonuses (current rare/unique level 400 equipment have stats in the 50-90 range, the 430 stuff will skyrocket to +200). This means your Varna equipment will be massively improved if you switch your ichors from 400 to 430 ichors.

Then IMC will release the Giltine raid which will provide legendary 430 similar to Varna and new material similar to Planium that will be used to craft legendary 430 similar to Savinose. This is not even in kToS yet, so don’t expect anything before a long time.