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Which is the best dps build?

Hello, I would like to know which build do you all think that are the best dps build, mostly against the misrus.

I heard about warlock going down without the poa scrolls.

I’m using Feather - Warlock - Elementalist.

I fell that I’m benn almost too much piano and would appreciate a little of auto-attack

Is sorc worthing? He does good against the dog?

The questions:
1- Which is the best build
2- Is sorc good now?
3- Sorc does good against the dog?
4- If I change warlock into sorc, should I change feather or ele for better results?

Thanks in advance!

  1. It used to be pyro - elementalist - tao, but I don’t know if this is still the best AoE Magic Damage Build. It’s awesome for cleaning CM, though.
  2. Well, it depends on you. Remember that you gain auto-attacks from the monsters summoned but you don’t have the buff damage from the skill ride.
  3. There are better classes for killing bosses. I wouldn’t recommend you to pick sorc in this case, but it’s your char and it may be personal to pick or not. Just go for what gives you fun.
  4. Sorc + feather will get you out of damage to be honest, and feather is good for self-survivability against bosses, cms, etc. Again, it’s personal but I wouldn’t recomend you to pick these two classes, even more in the same build!

If I can help you, you should pick AoE Magic damage if you want to kill dog: Pyro, Ele, Tao, Rune C, Warlock, Feather (if you have already on your build and want to keep him), Onmy.

Everything written here is my personal preference and should not be followed straight

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