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Which is more important for dps STR or DEX

As the title said… Because, Im looking for random ichor, I cant decide which one to choose… The only available in market is con+dex and con+str…

AFAIK… If your plan is auto attack(farmer) like SR dex is best choice… but, if skill base like (RIP) to increase the skill damage put STR…?

Am I right?

STR is better in both situations.

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Str is better for dps, in sr farmer dex only help in enchant light if you’re enchanter. Dex also helps in attack speed, but irc the cap is your level x 2, so with max level, 900 dex should give you max attack speed. Also its not linear progression so, not much difference between 750 to 900 dex and ping matters for attack speed.

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Conclusion, dex not worth to invest

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Is there a secret about stats in scout? Like to be able to achieve max damage in certain skill, you need like this stat…

for example:

I played years in Tales of Pirates Online… The skill Illusion Slash, to be able to achieve its max damage(10x), you need 210 atk speed…

Here in ToS, is there a skill that works like that?

Dex still important if you want to do Extra damage on critical… And Later, they put a skill reduction system when you have high dex.
hit cast delay

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  • Some skills are affected by atk speed, most are don’t.
  • Normal atk always affected by atk speed.
  • Some mult-hit skills are not affected by attack speed, and still very fast for each dmg tick.
  • Dex increase atk speed, but the cost grows exponentially.
  • 700 dex will make you start to feel not it hit a little bit faster and 1400 doesn’t double that speed.
  • Atk speed also affected by your ping or network speed and most likely your main issue especially in crowded channel.
  • dex directly increase critical atk stat.
  • str has higher advantage over dex in calculating critical dmg
  • current content give more advantage and damage to skills and auto attack has lower damage even with full attributes and other player’s buffs.
  • STR > DEX > Atk speed
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