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Which class is rarest?


Which class is rarest? I like to be unique player.


Quarrel Shooter~

Flies away


Swordman: Templar, Dragoon, Murmillo, Nak (at least for now), Hackapell

Cleric: Krivis, Sadhu, Monk, Pardoner, Paladin

Archer: QS, Fletcher

Wizard: Sage

Scout: Shinobi

Some of these classes received buffs or will receive in the near future so maybe we will see more of them from now on

You can also check here for the 100 rarest builds:


^* has been and is most of those classes *

* hides in corner * . . .

How can you say Pardoner with so many shops and pardos around :confused:

is like saying Alchemist are rare xD

Rarest I would say is…

Rodelero :yum:


My list exclude shops, well at least on my server people do play actively with Alchemist, isn’t that rare to see people using on Velcoffer and CMs, while Pardoner the people who play with them is usually alts created to craft scrolls and they try to do other content with their build, very rare.

Rodelero isn’t rare at all, it’s like a infestation in many PvP swordies.


Thanks for replies. Templar looks very interesting. I will give him a chance.