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Which class has great synergy with Onmyoji?

Which class has great synergy with Onmyoji?

prolly kino/terra since new genbu art boost pych and earth. sage is also an option.

Do you have any build recommendation? I pretty new to this.

well as is said kino-onmyo-terra
good aoe, good cc, nice for pvp
its later when genbu get its arts though

Thanks to Yin Yang’s attribute that increases dark and holy dmg, there’s also synergy with the following classes:

  • Runecaster
  • Shadowmancer
  • Featherfoot
  • Warlock
  • Sorcerer
  • Necromancer
  • Bokor

yinyang is the only dark skill it has and aiming the only dark skill in the class for small boost of dark element for the rest of your build is rather poor choice because if dark boost is what you seek warlock-ff-shadow definitely the best build

theres also onmyo, pyro, ele which is quite popular for its tons of aoes and fox that boost fire crit rate meanwhile onmyo doesnt have any other fire skill except for fox, creating situation like above

purple is another case in which its always goes with sorc-necro-somethin, but again if boosting is what you seek onmyo is again another poor choice, ff seems to be the best

the thing is synergies are exist for onmyo but they made it lacking for some choices, and unconsciously creating metas

with genbu art coming they definitely want to put onmyo as booster for terra,kino, and sage eventhough still lacking it seems, until perhaps we get onmyo vv.
genbu art is self-class sufficient buff as it will buff 3 onmyo own skills toyou, tiger and the tree

Thank you! I will try some of the builds.