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Which cards for my build



I have my cards pretty much covered but I neeed some help with this.

My build is Druid-PD-Sadhu.

My setup so far looks like this:

Red: 3x Velnia Monkey (30% more dmg against poisoned enemies)
Blue: 3x Zaura (30% phy def, currently using 1 Zaura + 2 Armaos)
Green: 3x Blut (+30 CON, currently using 3x Wood Houngan +15 INT/CON)
Purple: 1x Gazing Golem, 2x Rikaus
Legendary: Velcoffer (planned)

My problem is the 2 remaining purple cards. I use 2 Rikaus (SP Potion Effects +[★]%) meaning lv15 SP potions restore around 1545 SP (originally 1288 + 20% of that) but someone suggested 2 Cerberus cards ( [★]% chance of recovering 1% SP when hit by Medium-type monsters).

Which would be the better choice? O is there another option?