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Where to get silver?

My silver has only diminished and I can’t keep up with spending on potions and repairs. Is there a way to farm this new att?

Farm lower lv220 eq and sell to npc.

You can get free repair kits with gabija coins.
You can unlock housing to get free talt with login time.
You can sell Talt to npc for 5k.
You can do challenge mode automatch solo at level 400 to get silver and gabija easily, even if you are weak.

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Don’t pay NPC or market for potion. Avoid player repair shop unless u want shop buff. Use popo point to buy hp sp pot… use repair kit from gabija shop. Farm gabija now, not silver unless u want to whale the market…

Rsrsrsrs Gabija coin does not meet the needs for those who already have this end game.

the only way now for fast silver is selling item in market , i am selling that medusa scale is around 700k or worth of 10m silver and reset recipe is 30 - 40m , other is doing boss HG , it is droping material, playing 1 hour can get 5-10m if selling drop item

Well, if people end game is +16 gear and +3 boru seal… that’s it. Most people dont touch the +21 all pcs yet. Plus, if people really want silver, just do HG 2F 24/7. 1-2 pcs sandra already cover the cost of 1 hour in telsai.

I believe IMC achieved their aim to provide casual content. Since, my main with below +16 ad can do saint sacellum successfully. they also provide as many contents available on different difficulty, does not mean player need to do all just because it is a content. I just speak on pure F2P perspective.

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Buy token, sell it at market, or if u casual lv 460 sneak in auto match saint, can sell the Vassile material,
Each week can do 4 times with mercenary badge from uphil,
Cm selling briknite or nucle, small price but can cover condens potion, elixir and repair,

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