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Where should I look for build

Hi, I was wondering where should I look for builds since I didnt play in a long time and in the past there was a website called tos guru or something like that when I could try builds of other people. Is there anything like that actually?

well there was but i think its only updated till year 2020.
the latest 2021 updates maybe missing…
the best option nowdays is to check the ranking of WBR in F10 window where u can filter and see which are the top meta class builds…you ll get a idea of which class combinations are good

you might be talking about - were people sharing and rating builds, but sadly it died many years ago after Rebuild. is outdated so you might want to go on the korean version - (just change language to english when your browser prompts)

tho its just a “make your own” build simulator, but it will really helps since everything you need to know about skills, attribute, damage etc. is written there.