Tree of Savior

Where do you guys find those gifs?



Good to have you back! If anyone is looking for a guild to help them with stuff, my fiancé and I lead Wildfire. Some of you may have known that already, but I would love to have any of you as guildies in-game :sparkles: end shameless guild promotion

They did change a lot,but I think all of it is for the better. How have you been in the mean time @Marad?


Just wanted to post this somewhere since it’s so awesome and the other thread got nuked.


Well, @Melon, I’ve been so-so, to be honest. Nowadays I’m a bit stressed out, but things will get better. They always do.

By the way, you forgot your gif in the reply xD



It is way too hot… summer is terrible…


it’s colder than last year here, so am loving it :3

If cold is a pain, you can always add clothes and cuddles to remove it…

but heat, not even going naked can remove it and cuddles makes it worse D:


Hug and post a lewd gif… Now leave the internet you fool


When you only have eyes for the one you love.



is that image form the bait horror anime?_?


I shall summon thy oh mighty thread to vanquish the bullshit and give us the rest…