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Where can I find the lv 315 recipes now?

I know that they have changed the location of several game recipes throughout the updates. I’m looking for a Skull Smasher recipe, but the databases don’t have the updated information. Can anyone tell me if they removed it from the game or if there is still a way to get these recipes?

search all the 315 weapons, can be drop from the monster. not a recipe.

You can get it for free once you get to lvl 315, just talk to the Wings of Vaivora NPC and ask for the lvl support chests (dont remember exactly the name of the option lol but its something along those lines) However, 315 recipes should drop from the lvl 270 dungeon, but just a heads up, its not worth crafting the 315 items anymore, as i said before, you can get them crafted for free just by reaching lvl 315 and generally its easier to get a random 315 Primus with transcendece on it, and on top of it, you will not be using it for very long, since you reach lvl 350 relatively fast

Ohh, and just for future researches, use this data base, this one is mostly updated

I just want to change the appearance of my varna, I know it’s no longer worth crafting 315 weapons.
I had forgotten about the Vaivora level items, but I believe they cannot be used for appearance, I will test it.

And I know tosneet and all the other current databases, they do not point out evidence of where the recipes are now. But I am grateful for your attempt to help me anyway, not everyone is willing to respond or at least try to help.

@edit: Kedoran itens cant transfer appearance.

Could you tell me which monsters are dropping?

Didn’t all these 315 weapons recipes got moved to the Castle Dungeon cubes? Nowadays Castle Dungeon drops a blue or red cube depending on which boss you decide to fight, each cube has half the old lv 315 recipes.

When I did this dungeon I always killed the lavenzard, but his blue cube always drops talt or monster card, I never saw a recipe. That’s since the dungeon level became 270.

Not sure if they moved them again. If The cube says “Castle Dungeon Cube: Blue” it should contain the recipes, but if they went back to the one named “Underground Castle Dungeon Cube” that one only has the cards and talt. Then your only hope would be to find someone with the old recipes or gear until they add them back in some way.

I did a run to test, there is no difference in the cube. I also checked the patch notes until the beginning of 2017 and there is nothing mentioning a change of location. There is probably no way to get it right now. The way will be to wait then. Thanks anyway for your attention.

If you’re in Telsiai I can give you some recipes … .

Edit: nothing shows where it drops …

Unfortunately, I’m from Silute, but I am very grateful for the gesture of goodwill

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