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Where are you events?

Hey bois

I was just wondering …

Where was the popolion event Ktos had ?
Where is the summer event Ktos has ? Isn’t it summer here too actually ?
What happened to the t8 scroll on rainbow trek on Itos ? Cause Ktos had one.

Do you still remember the shi tstorm about the canceled event with 50% transcend cost sale / exp / looting chance buff ? Cause ktos had it too.

My point is, why Itos got afk event while Ktos has cool stuff ? Will we even have a summer event ? Cause we’re in darn summer…

I guess it’s better having t8-9 scroll on tp shop eh… I feel pissed.

I more and more got the feeling Itos is just here to be milked… Why can’t we get regular little update like ktos ? Instead of big gap with a lot of community going on hiatus or QUITING the game. I got the feeling Itos is underlooked, do we, player, even exist ? Or we’re just money bag with legs ???

I don’t mind the tp scroll ; but geez give us at least the normal course of event Ktos has…

Sorry for the salt guys.

Edit: Worst part is i post this while knowing the fact i’ll get ignored by IMC rofl :tired:


Many events present in Ktos most often than not do not reach iTos…


thats a pretty shitty argument considering they removed the T8 scroll on the event only to add it in store for a hundred $$$$

Also, I hate AFK events.

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wait for next week, because a lot of the events end the 13th

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I think they are saving the good events for the next “big update” (soon?), I really hope they are working in that now, and that’s why we only have recycled events in the last weeks <_<
(not because they are lazy, is because they are working hard in the new updates, right IMC?)


Wow, that’s greedy. How many scrolls did you guys get from last events?

On jTOS there were:

  • 1x T3, 2xT5, 1xT8 from “Over the rainbow” (Super Mario again)
  • 1xT5 for 500 sprouts per character.

I’ve spent all my sprouts on magnifiers, 1000 attribute points and golden anvils tho~

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i just wish my skin get released in game before i quit, its been a year and only 2 sets of skin released out of 25 winner


I just wanna one event which brings a new character voucher for free. That’s it.

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In those videos you can see the items available for the events, hope we get both events next week

I strongly believe what would tame our horses would be releasing both the popolion and the summer festa event at the same time

If we are going zombie farming spamming cm runs again, atleast we’re gonna get item drops for 2 separate events


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Well that would be too good to be true, coming from IMC i can’t believe this happen, even if i’d like to.

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