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Where are the 10 cm reset of the mercenary shop?

I remember that IMC took the goddess bless out of the mercenary shop in record time as soon as it came out in Korean, but contrary to that until now, IMC have not put, like there, the 10 CM reset. ~~

source? screenshot/video maybe?
itos state as we all know is 5 CM reset per day and its been like that since day 1 mercenary shop revamped
idk ktos mercenary shop state but if thats true than thats just another shame
cause in another case they announced that WBR cubes milestone will become 350m and its been 3 weeks and its still at 700m
and obviously since nobody care (including them) theres no update about it.

since you are not able to search for information here it is
that’s why the Steam community doesn’t go ahead, because they’re all apathetic and don’t know how to say things, because they don’t give a damn to criticize what’s wrong


do you know ktos state of wbr reward as well? does wbr cube at 350m instead of 700m?
i ve been sending them countless of tickets about bugs and botters and their respond is, as always, that its being forwarded to the proper such follow up after that.
and there is this one tootltip “bug” about sadhu i purposely not reported cause tbh its just minor bug and surprisingly its been neglected for 3+ months.
which comes to conclusion, when nobody care, they wont either.

wow since when ktos get 10 reset per day?

Oh, that’s interesting. So we got the BG shop nerf in advance, but they conveniently forgot to put the challenge vouchers later on, it seems.

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