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When will new skin from weapon contest winner get implemented in-game


there still 24 more winners left, i wish i could see all of them get into game before i have grandchildren



Bump feelsbadman 202020

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I agree…Lol Id like to see my skin.


Bump feelsbadman 202020


The proper question would be,

Will the game live long enough to see all the new skins implemented?


True. I was waiting for your skin to show. Insta-buy. Dunno what IMC is thinking taking ages to release all other winners’ skins… Do they really think that players will stick around to a game managed like this forever? Lmao


I hope they put them in the TP shop,though, not Goddess Blessed Cubes.

This Gacha is honestly just too tedious, especially if they could earn more from players that usually don’t spend money on the game.

I mean why spend 20+ Euro on 11 Gacha cubes that have 0.2% chance to drop the skin you want?
If your server isn’t as alive as KTOS, you’re even running the likelihood of no-one rolling the skin (so you can’t even buy it from the market for hundreds of millions of silver) during the two weeks regular sales period.


and then they can forget to add it to the medal shop like they did with Halloween stuff.

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