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When does it get interesting?

At what point does this game get harder to play? At what point does gear actually matter?


when you start doing raids and Solo challenge mode, thats the only content that matters right now sadly , everything else doesnt,
so about 360

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Leave this game right now or you’ll be trapped your whole life, unless the game finally dies.


At level 100 when you can start to do CM. Challenge yourself and try to complete stage 5 CM on maps where you do quests.

Never does, there’s absolutely no interesting/Challenging pve content in this game, and it’s not looking bright for the future.

So either you love pvp, or you just stop right there

If only loving PvP was enough you (and I) would still be here, so…
stop right there criminal scum

at the moment mobs can kill you easily and you only tickle them.
i ll say 300/315.

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