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When are we getting the new classes like Blossom Blader?

When are we getting the update of new classes ? Same as KR ? If yes, when are they getting the update ?

Edit : Unless you tell me they are already in, in KR version ?

KR gets them next week.

iTOS probably in 2-3 months. Like most big updates before.

Ok. Thx. Guess i will create only a character in a few months.

As i learned that AA melee scout is not THAT good / not interested in ranged scout / and don’t want to prepare a swordsman character so i can accumulate daily logins before the class comes.
Somehow… i feel like i prefer starting after the class implemented.

i love SR/thauma/corsair or bm/corsair :slight_smile: with new class can be even better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Are they separate from the big 4ever update? Because if not then KR got them today

Not sure about KR right now.

But in iTOS we get one big patch with many small+big kTOS patches combined. Just look at last years…
And we usually are 2-3 months behind.