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When are gonna come the new classes?

im planing to just go afk if there is a month or a little less.
does anybody know ? :tired:

Read the news lol
20 charr

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great idea thanks :satisfaction:

after maintenance? but … no patch notes still … but on main page they say its today …


wait where is that main page o_O ? i look at /main but i dont see that picture
is there another page than this one ?

Edit: Oh its on this site … wrong address …

lol of course its today, and everyone is anxious b’cuz still no patch notes XD.
its just funny to say 2 month more cuz in actuality, the new classes will come today.

And where is the new class?

well…given that the recent patch notes didn’t mention the new classes… hope the notes are still incomplete. if not, then my 2 months joke would be more of a reality now XD

Maybe wait for the EDITED part of the post XDDD they always have those blunders before …

Already updated…

  • New classes for each profession are available.
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Livestream patch notes, keep updating

Anyone know if we get the special costumes from changing into the new classes rn?

episode 12 on in original server???

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