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What's the point of "Unique" armors/weapons?

Just a thought, last time we used Unique tier armors (primus etc) was before and during velcoffer patch, that was also before re:build.

Right now, the game still gives us these unique items in recipe form(glacia, wonder) or equipment(vaivora).

They don’t serve any real purpose other than being ichor fodders, no? I mean, the recipe could just craft to ichor straight, the same with gears, they could just drop straight as ichors.

Is it just to sell shining golden ichors? am i missing something?

So imc cant play with newbie’s heart on the new server? That aint fun.

They want to lock everything behind RNG so you’ll waste silver crafting these items, then waste 20+ red ichor extraction kits after getting 0 potential just to frustrate us even further. They dont want us to have fun, they want us to suffer.


they created a entire system called ichor, where you put on your own legendary.
i believe that it already clear enough the purpose of unique armos? Add a new layer of RNG by the need to turn it in ichor before you can use.
to become ichor like your self stated.
what you expect? the imc to dish out new legendary set’s with their own bonus and effects and forget the entire ichor system all together? maybe , is not even a bad solution after all would remove one “BIG RNG LAYERS” of progressing but would come with their own problems in itself; like with ichor’s the mc can dish out multiple weapons for multiple classes and even more or less vacillate the drop rate of them,because we know they are for ichor!
if the mc just released legendary with their own stats like the new ones that is coming: for every class and every build, it would become a nightmare anyway.

ichor itself is a wonderful system, the only downside is that the rng side is too strong on it: but the ability to drop items, personalize it’s attributes to fit you own build and how you like to play, is one of the best choices the IMC ever did on tos: again the only downside is that is hidden behind a too strong RNG, making it difficulty for people to min max different types of ichos to fit their need and abilities, most people only goes for that super ichor that works well for everything and even for them finding this one is already hard enough; maybe if the mc lowered the ichor rng aspect, and turned it on
from a character to team basis!!
after all we follow this aspect of being a “team” since tos was launched but we don’t really use it as “system” in the game, outside of gimmick here and there, is super underdeveloped so removing the ability to “re sell” them all together and change to work like you equip them on your team account ichor storage, where you can switch it up between the team characters but can not remove to sell it again. and of course with this the imc would lower up some of the RNG, it would be a perfect system in my opinion.

this alone would be super good for the entire system as whole, because people would collect lower level ichor, making it have a niche market too, just so they can equip-use when leveling new character.
People would really explore different types of combination more easily because the rng all together have been lowered as whole somehow. (not gonna pin point how, is better to left the imc to decide, could be more drop rates, removal of stupid bonus, etc).

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Nah, I just expected them to be ichors right away, they will be ichored anyway.

The current unique eq, I mean.

Looking at vaivoras alone is more than enough to know that it is not meant to be used once obtained. It has 5 potential and 2h weapons have 5 sockets.

yeah man, but like i wrote a huge wall text and it seems you have missed the main point of my post, i confess that i lost myself there a little so i will make it short this time:
is not that quote.
the main point is: to add a new layer of RNG in the game, where you must not only DROP but also turn into ichor.
if they do like you want they to do, they would remove one layer of rng. and god forbidden me, a korean mmo removing a layer of rng? i don’t think we are living in that world yet.

Yea the huge wall of text made it hard to understand. But yeah IMO this part of RNG makes no sense other than them profiting from golden ichors.

I understand some of the other RNG(I don’t like them either) but this? ayeeeee

vaivora and new morning is not good idea to casual player .

i dont want buy it form professional player.

so i afk ,unless changed

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