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What's the catch of the extremely strong Kedoran gear?

Is there a time limit or something?

kedoran isnt strong…

search for varna, you will see the difference

Kedoran is like welfare
It is good for basic stuff
But it will never beat a proper salary from hard work

There isn’t a time limit :smiley:

The game makes it really easy to level so that new players can catch up to recent content quickly and old players can make new alts.

Kedoran gear is a way to solve the problem of rapidly outleveling your weapons over and over again. It would be a pain in the ass to have to keep buying / grinding / crafting stuff you’re going to throw away within a few hours (maybe even a few minutes) anyway.

It seems strong but it’s just that low level enemies are quite weak. You’ll understand when you get to 420+ maps or witness the kind of damage that players with top tier gear can do.

If you think Kedoran is strong, wait until you get EP 11 Savinose gears :haha:

WTH I just got the EP11 Savinose gears, these are even stronger. They’re just giving them away like that?

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yes, to entice you to play more with your newly acquired strength!

Is there actual endgame though? Feels like i’m almost done.

there still… ichor thing, acc legend thing, seal thing, legend set thing, and the most important… hell of anviling ;D

Have you finished ep 12 though? That last boss is quite hell without proper gears

end game items? Varna Sets, Legendary set effects, Legendary Accessory Sets, Arks, boss/legendary cards. Ichors, legendary seal, lv8-10 gems, lvl100 skill attributes.,
and also that ITEM COLLECITION npc in Klapedia if u want to be a completionist. :laughing:

“extremelty strong kedoran gear” in title, and

nice jokes dude
now go slay world boss moringponia in parias forest with that fresh ep 11 ichors, no gems, no cards, arks,seal etc etc…