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What's the best way to farm silver nowadays?


I have a maxed out doppel and I just wanna get more silver and I’m not sure how to? Please post any suggestions thank you.


Solo CM I think. Will give you equips as well to be sold if you’re lucky at identifying.


For real? How much does running solo sausy CM earn?


390 HG, 370 HG, any 370+ CM solo till level 6/7

all depends on luck and investment,though

Sadly, there is no real field option to earn money on a non-Scout simply because of low mob density and/or missing movement speed/attack range.


Luck. True to that. I know a guy who is relatively new, join WB party and got DL Marnox or Zaira card I forgot. Selling it grants him easy access to Velco gears lol.
Meanwhile some other people do WB a lot and got daily stones lol.


around 750k