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Whats the best staff u can get now?


Im currently lvl 370 i have a very shitty weapon i was wondering what staff should i farm/buy, so which one would be best? and whats a good option that is not too hard to farm.


The best staff that requires little investment is… the Asio Dagger!!!

Wat? It’s not even a staff you may say… Sure, but at this moment, you can run Asio raid every day with a character, get two cubes, stockpile them and open them in bulk at a later date to get a nice amount of recipes. That’s what I did, and after 9 days and 18 cubes I got 4 recipes, one being Asio Dagger which requires few mats to craft (ok you need 3 practoniums, but if you’ve done the quests with your character you should have them – and what would you use them for except getting an endgame weapon anyway…).

And now what to do with your dagger… you cannot transform it into a staff magically no? Well in fact you can! Wait for re:build and you’ll be able to switch to a staff!


vanilla velcoffer staff! that is the best!
Better than that is +40 velcoffer staff.

All you need to do are:
do velco raid 2 times per day,
aim to collect 27 velco fragment
trade it with velco shield
Use 67 blessed gem to transcend it to T10
at rebuild, trade velco shield to velco staff