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Whats stronger, Last Rites or Binatio?

I tried both skills out and Binatio seems stronger but some people still saying last rites but no one giving me a concrete answer. It’s for PVP, not PVE. So can someone please explain, thank you.

binatio gives additional damage, to each and every line of your basic attack
it also works for skill damage too
at lvl 15 with maxed attribute can gives you around 19k additional damage, which is decent

last rites gives you another line for your basic attack,
i think its similar to aspergillum
each and every lvl of last rites only gives static increase of additional damage
the scaling of str, dex, int and spr for every lvl stays the same
however if you’re planning to get the attribute for last rites, you need at least lvl 10 for it

So which one is stronger so I can max it out? This is for pvp purposes though. Someone said last rites because it “scales” but if thats the case why do people say max out Binatio.

fun fact, both binatio and last rites “additional dmg” is heavily nerfed at pvp environment. Its like become 10% of the dmg. Mostly chaplain on pvp because “visible talent : art” makes you ignore block and eva.

It’s all good I’m just playing for fun and what fits my style. I just want to know which one does more damage for autoattacks is all.