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What to do with all these overflow ice cube

limited exchange to 105/day, free ice cube/every few min/hour login, insanely high drop rate in field/hg/cm compared to coin
and i believe theres a lot of player that have more than mine
this is such a waste, allowing player to trade ice cube for coin would be much better, with the “short summer” that IMC mention themself

Yeah I was wondering the same thing. I have a ton just sitting around too

You use them in the second part of the event (still not up) where you’re gonna be able to buy colored chests with random prizes depending on the color

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i hope itos get this event, considering summer close to its ends and we skipped popo badges

Yeah we’re gonna get it since we already got the summer festa part1, probably during the next month

what level are the weapons in the box for the event?

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