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What to do after royal mausoleum?

i finished the quests in the royal mausoleum and now i dont have any other quests and dont know what to do and where to go? any tips?

try leveling up, so more story quests can appear, or go to maps same to your level, maybe NPCs will have a quest for you there.

press ‘N’ and look for the yellow flags on the map to start a new quest line. Im assuming your on the new support servers.

press F5 or the Quest Tab, do the Episode Quests.thats the main story line i believe.

ok thank you for your answers…checking the quests tab was the solution

I assume you don’t read the text during the quests right? Once you finish that arc, you get a line that tells you to go to Fedimian find someone because the next revelation is in the Mage Tower. Do that. Also you may consider making a small detour to Seir Rainforest and do the Goddess Lada arc first.

Yes this new addition will help greatly. Usually you don’t get info about the side-arcs, now they’re grouped into “X-2” episodes. However I think there are restrictions now, need to check if those don’t only appear once you’ve completed all the main quests.