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What to do after all quests? lvl 430+

Hello! Started playing now with the season server, but after completing all quests, what should I do? I’m quite lost and really don’t know what should I farm, since Savinose looks like one of the best weapons in the game, could someone please share some knowledge? :grin:

I joined a Guild and just left, because thought of joining another, but then BAM 2 week penalty. ‘-’(Not really interested in creating another character and leveling him in another account.)

*All tutorials that I have found seems to be going around Savinose, since they are before seasonal server.

make varna set by doing legend skia raid
add smugis/ataka to them using pamoka
make perfect fixed (using vaivora weapon) and random ichor for each of the part

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Like what Aniki said, you are not even halfway yet, idk the state of that server right now, but what i suggest is get fixed ichors first. It’s quite hard to give advice on what to do, since we don’t know the state of CM spamming, prices on unique fixed gear, pricing on magnifiers and the value of nucle. I imagine getting good ichors there are difficult. In the main servers i think, it’s a lot easier to get gears going. Best of luck to you.

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