What there is to do besides testing builds and classes in the Re:build?


Because as soon as the update loses it momentum, people will just mass leave again if there isn’t nothing else substantial to do. Can I pvp or raid without needing to spend weeks gearing one character or nope? Will be a new content or game mode in the Re:build?


You’ll either drop dead fast or maybe have a quick kill, as the PVP balance still is far away from being perfect.
As a general rule of thumb, effective PVPing requires at least T6-T10 on endgame equipment (i.e. Velcoffer set) to have a valid chance again the top players, especially against Scouts and Swordsmen, who can outlast you by evading or facetanking your attacks while taking less damage.

About Raiding:
You’ll no longer need excessive gears to participate, so you can clear them with worse equipment than now.
Velcoffer seems fine with about 6-8k defense, which is about what you get with a decent shield + plate set (lvl 350-380 primus),it’ll need some backup via Priest in case you mess up with the meteor mechanic or the purple pools.

New content is currently absent (will probably come at the end of this month or early next month for kTest, as developers are currently busy fixing the bad server resource management and optimizing client performance;
This means if you want new content, you’ll have to wait till ~March for it to reach iTOS) aside of the new Ignas Raid and Boruta fights
and will probably take a lot time to hit iTOS as we’re getting a version of Re:build that’s most likely over one month behind kTest on the 15th. The next content teased is the 390 hunting ground map, so that’s not very exciting either.

I have no idea how long it will take for iTOS to receive a substantial update, my guess is that it will take at least till June or July 2019 to have any content through balanced towards Re:build to keep the game interesting enough for a substantial time investment. At the moment it’s rather at the ultra-casual level.

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