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What is the point of the new cheap PvP glacia set aside from "Rolling Enchant Stat"?

So this is what the prob imo, Imc wants us to create a whole new weapon set for PvP because to activate a 440 set stat you’ll need 6 of your items activated with said set stat, Unlike the previous sets E.i Ataka, Smugis you only need 5…

This is a way better option cause you can apply “Smugis on your “Left Hand Wep” and Ataka” on your Right Hand Weapon if you play Pvp/Pve and are changing gear often…

But now we can’t even do this cause you need them 6 sets to work

They are basically telling you to make a whole new weapon set of for Pve And another Wep Set if you want to have the new PvP gear/set…

Smugis is still superior/way cheaper for Pvp, So back to my point, what is the purpose does this new “Cheap PvP gear” Serve aside from rolling stats

Cant even use it in Gtw kek

more homework to do.
Farm things to do pvp.

You will still need an extra pair of Weapons… and they only work inside Gemstone/TBL forcing you to go for the main Glacia/Savinose in order to use the pvp prefix on GTW.

Yeah… at least you can get a decent gear fast to go on TBL.

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Not a solution, It’s gonna be way better if they leaved it at 5 set per set stat and just added more pamoka solution for application or double it even so we can change gears easier, Money is not a problem it’s just annoying to “Make/Trans/Enchant/Then Anviling The said Wep to at least +16” and you gotta make 4 of these…

I think that by the doubling the cost of Pamoka to apply a set stat but leaving it at 5 sets only will be still a better way to do things imo

i still want to know how is possible that a PVP gear is not working in GTW.

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Thats a good question.

GTW actually has implications outside of the match itself. They don’t want you to be able to stand up against the rich whales.

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