What is the point of outlaw?


So… I’m probably not playing outlaw right…

I feel like this class is so underwhelming. As a dagger user, I feel like it gets outshined by assassin. As a pistol user, I feel like it gets outshined by BM. It doesn’t provide much utility (other than aggress) like linker, and not much buff like corsair or enchanter.

So, how do you guys play outlaw?


Agro+ reducing accuracy, huge evasion boost, some filler skills. It works fine for me in Ench, SR, OL build.


I see outlaw as an evasive class with magle and Blindfire allowing to evade while in the skill animation, Bully to increase evasion and sprinkle sand and agress to decrease enemy arcurracy while able to get agro with Bully and agress. That’s the main trade of the class in my opinion.


I use it to trigger my wastrel sw :v besides the extra evade skills


Is pretty underwhelming, BUT i heard they buffed the evasion on the test server to make him live up to his name


Oh OK! So outlaw is more of a utility with invincibility and high evasion. Cool, maybe I’ll combine it with AA bulletmarker and enchanter.


waaah nice tank in the tree, and nice evasion, rly strong

oh wait


You are dead


Im pretty sure Outlaw was never meant to be the “core” of a build. Its more like a class to buff/help other classes in your build.

I tried Corsair-BM-Outlaw, and it works fine. Most of the damage comes from BM, and Outlaw only gives evasion, aggro and a few filler skills. Rampage->Bloody Overdrive is nice too


So right now the core classes are like BM, SR, maybe Assassin, etc.

There are a lot of ‘support’ classes and they do different roles, most people are going to go for damage (Enchanter, Corsair, Asassin[Hasisas buff soon]) or utility/farming (Linker/Thauma).

Outlaw provides a bit of an odd mix that puts it in a weird spot. Primarily I would take it if I already have some evasion buffs but I’m not capping out my evasion (50% btw, 25% with 10+ mobs aggro’d to you).

It also provides some debuffs (Sand/Brick), Sand having pretty good AAR, and provides some good damage skills that give temporary invulnerability of a sort. The aggro is just a nice benefit, but the range isn’t good enough.

The biggest problem with Outlaw for a defensive class choice though is that Evasion is already somewhat simple to cap for most circumstances, so it’s only useful against some bosses you don’t Evade at max (50%) anyway. Also cap on Evasion being 50% makes it a non-viable form of primary defense. If Bully was changed to Dodge or you had some form of Dodge/Block to add onto it, it may be more viable. I personally would not recommend using these as a means to need less PDEF/MDEF unless you were able to have 50% Evasion, 50% Dodge, 50% Block as a minimum as these three roles make things a lot simpler. If one of them could get as high as 75% you might have something worthwhile. You can compare this to stacking these in Path of Exile or other similar games.

If outlaw’s bully was changed to Dodge or some sort of separate roll from regular Evasion, it would make the class much more viable, but right now I don’t believe it’s defensive utility can stand against Assassin Hasisas, Enchanter’s entire kit (Wastrel Sword viability, Block, Damage), or Corsair’s Brutality.

Even with the changes coming up to make Bully basically last forever. (Mine already lasts well over 300s as is when I had it)


it is fun to play and it has fancy costume.
I play Linker - Outlaw - Corsair and i like it a lot.


Yea I was thinking the same thing too, at least at some point…

Similar to how corsair provides some attack but also support other classes in the build.


After trying many builds with it, Outlaw is just a fun class where you can have fun but it’s pretty underwhelming on DPS and even on utility. Aggress is useless due to it’s range too small that you don’t really need to aggro if mobs are already in that small range. Rampage is so much better in aggro job than aggress. 3 sec of movement speed increase after aggress is totally another level of useless. After all the animation lock for aggress and then increase your movement speed? after you already got kick-assed by your enemy?

The skill animation delay of the class is massive, mangle/bully evasion basically non existence because of evasion cap. After bringing it to saalus/velcoffer for so many fight, it has no contribution to any survivability/tanking.

It’s fun to play, but that’s it for this class.

The only usefulness for this class is a bug on KTEST server where if you die after cast bully, your evasion become 100%. But I’m assuming it will get fixed really soon XD


i rly want to play this class, but the downside of rampage is too strong
you just can’t play with it in pvp, and in pve it’s still dangerous too (in CM)
what’s the point to make a evasion design to just ruin it with the most interresting skill: Rampage
loosing all your block and evasion and taking +50% damages…
don’t use this in pvp trust me, i tried, it’s an instant death

throw sand it’s like you are casting it, the delay after the skill…you can’t use it during the time you are running. it’s so clunky. Good against evasion class?! Why not just taking enchant gloves of enchanter?! enchanter is much more usefull

the brick range and animation…aaaw so clunky too. If you ever hit somebody who’s not CCed with the brick, tell me

i play rogue-assa- (enchanter), i rly wanted outlaw be my last rank, but rly, no.


I use outlaw for farming scout-thaum-linker-outlaw. Reminds me of wiz3linker3thaum3 before rebuild. It is efficient for farming imo. I sometimes bring it in gem feud it’s okay class for it.


Haha, I was thinking the same thing too, with aggress, invincibility of mangle/blind fire. But honestly I think even assassin-link-thaum works better, or BM.


So i’m using outlaw-enchanter-bm (going to change to corsair-bm-outlaw) and this build do is job at pve, for PvP it sucks saddly. He has quite good damage, but you need to use other skills do prevent your instant death.

  • Agress it’s usefull but since Bully works better, imo, you really don’t need to use this skill all the time and if you think it’s good to escape (jus cuz the passive that gives movement speed +30 for 3s) it’s better if you use cloaking or just run.
  • If you have outlaw with BM, almost sure you’ll get blindfire. DON’T FORGET TO USE THROW SAND BEFORE cuz you get x2 critical rate at blindfire, so you do more damage <3
  • Brick smash it’s really nice to use when you have all skills with CD, low AoE, 1s stun (a really little survivability), quite nice damage, so works fine.
  • Mangle you can use to become invulnerable, it’s a good skill just to use to prevent your death when needed and does some damage actually (if you have a good dagger) and has a “long animation”, so you have a “long invulnerability”. You can use after throw sand too so you have more damage when use this skill. Throw sand + blindfire + mangle are quite nice :blush:
  • Bully it’s a buff that you can keep for a long time, but i didn’t understand how evasion works :roll_eyes: and you get more targets to focusing on you, why not use in pve?
  • The troll skill, rampage… low damage, you get hit during the skill but you’ll get a buff that gives you +50% more damage deal to enemies and +50% more damage taken for 5s… you can avoid this 50% more damage taken by just using bloody overdrive, mangle, annihilation, blindfire, running, cloaking, etc. I usually use rampage + bloody overdrive when i have many mobs and rampage + outrage when i’m facing a single enemy/boss, just use with a skill that does a good amount of damage + ivulnerability or just ivulnerability. Just please, use rampage when you have like 80% of HP or you have a cleric in your PT, since you’ll bring a really nice amount of mobs to you and right after the skill ends, go to ivulnerability skills.

The class it’s not like a strong burst/DPS build like doppel or cannon/mergen/musk that you use 1 skill and gives a really high damage, but it works fine if you connect his skills with other classes and skills. You need to think before use his combos, especially when you use rampage. Since we don’t have many choices that uses pistol atm and didn’t remove DGS from BM, it works really fine. If you want just damage, go for a BM-Assassin-X (X = you can use outlaw, but you’ll get too many skills, no utility and you need to use 2 weapons and it’s quite expensive) or BM-SR or BM-etc. If you don’t want to use BM, it’s ok, just use assassin-outlaw-X, it’s really funny to play with, this was my first build, but i like to play with a ranged class (no archer for me, i’m tired to play with archers).

Those were my opinion and what i usually do when i’m playing soloing CM/saalus/velcoffer/WB… that’s all <3


Wow cool. Rampage + invincibility skill sounds great! So yea from what you’re saying, outlaw is more of a supplement class.


Rampage itself hit harder if the enemys got a debuff (Lachry/Throwsand).
The dmg from mangle/blindfire isnt bad after throw sand o.o


outlaw is currently the only one way to get “kinda-iframes” for SR
and that’s big in PvP, given how SR is already strong
rampage is only usable when you are sure no one will attack you, but it stuns
when 420 patch hits us, SR can ditch outlaw for sheriff, which is obviously better in PvP, all those juicy utility skills wow


But after that you will rise as an immortal god. :haha: