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What is the point for Swordman Thrust art if it keep teleport you go back to the original position

  • Reason for report : Swordman Thrust Art bug

  • Server : Telsiai

  • Team Name : XeonFair

  • Location : Anywhere

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : Anything that you use Thrust with Art

  • Evidence


Even murmillo frenzy slash also teleports you back to original position. Its been like this pre rebuild they still havent fixed it

even archer leap as well.
though not really a bother to me cause i dont play archer,just an appraiser
the weird thing is the art make us leap forward.

why would i spent 36m some pages and bg to leap front when logically you just have to turn around to do it.

After i tested a lot, when you change your direction at the same time you cast the skill it triggers the teleport backā€¦ the easier way to reproduce is walking one direction and casting the skill+turn back at the same time, high RTT make it easier to happen too.

Hello @jhgohrick ,

Kindly send us a support ticket so we can investigate your concern.

Thank you