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What is the current state of Featherfoot?

I really like Featherfoot’s class and how it works. I would like to make an optimal build for it. I already see some old content, combining it with Warlock and Shadowmancer/Bokor. Also, I see some builds with Necro + Sorcer, but I don’t like the summon thing (sorry about that lol).

My point is: There is an optimal build to FF skills? What I mean with optimal is a build that can be good in CM, Boss, or PvP.

I already think about Chrono because of Pass and Backmassing, but I can’t conclude if worths it. For me, Shadowmancer is in the same place as Chrono: Infernal Shadow (w/ Arts) looks good, but it doesn’t seem a good idea to invest in a class because of 1 skill.

So, maybe WL-FF-Chrono would be a good choice for boss?

I appreciate any help with that! :slight_smile:

I think a good CM build is Aoe Dps with lock-on hit skills; a good Boss build is a Single Dps with survivability; a good Pvp build is a CC build with single DPS or just pure dmg like Blossom and Crusader. Is it correct?

seeing old content good, but imc keep buffing/changing stuffs including better watch the latest krtos update.ff just got his buff recently including change to its element type and also some skills buff. warlock and shadowmancer as well.

Here’s what I consider is the best build for FF :
1 point in Bone Pointing, Blood Sucking, Blood Bath and Kurdaitcha because they all have their utility but scale very poorly with levels
Take Levitate, max Blood Curse and Enervation as those are your best damage dealing skills.
Max Ngadhundi for the 40s corruption debuff.
Put the 10 remaining points in either Kundela Slash or Blood Bath. Kundela does terribly low damage nowadays so I chose Blood Bath.

For third class choice I recommend Onmyoji or Rune Caster : Onmyo has lots of aoe damage and CC, + the yin yang harmony attribute that gives +20% additional dark damage, RC has rune of destruction with its massive -50% mdef (which is very important against bosses), rune of protection for knockdown immunity and the rune of justice + mastema combo.

Forget Chrono, Pass isn’t even a good skill anymore.

Have fun with FF, it’s my favorite class too