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What is the change of BM?

BM/CLOWN/ASS are still the top build ?
some weeks ago,suddenly , i cant get the higher result than RG/CL/ASS , with the same equipment
(even their equipment are not better then me)
But the RANK in WBR BM BUILD are still can get NO.1
Whats the change of BM BUILD?
Please HELP!!!

Right now in KR.

If you need infos about skills:

I think they using BM VVR 4 + SH VVR 4

thanks for your reply !!
actually i am TwTOS player ,
I am compare with iTOS WBR rank, because we are in the same version
Because in TwTos rogue build can very easily get higher damage than BM Build, (even they use RO VVR2 they can get the double damage than using BM VVR4)
It is so suddenly change after a week normal maintenance,
But in iTOS BM Build are still can get samiler damage
SO i dont know is there any change or different in iTOS and TwTOS

They increased the boss’s defense in WBR and Rogues have higher SFR, resulting in higher DPS in the long run.