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What is best class for Linker?


I wanted to make BM with Linker, but BM is about hitting multiple times (AA build basically) and because of that it might work against the Joint Penalty. I mean, it will work, but it will use up the JP pretty fast.
Then i thought about Shinobi - it has high burst skills, wich should do wonders with linker, BUT it might lead to situation with huge burst finishing off 15 linked enemies and then 20 waiting for the cooldown…

I really don’t know how to build Linker nowadays after rebuild, and if i should really bother to use one at all. Is Linker worth getting?

Alternatively i would like to have BM AA build, but i don’t like Enchanter and Thauma. SR would be nice IF Double Gun Stance could work while mounted (but it doesn’t!).

Assasin is melee with dagger so thats a no go. Corsair i read that DWA is trash and that corsair buffs have short duration (Jolly Roger) making them not so great overall.

Outlaw seems fine choice, but i see it has better skill for dagger then for pistol wich saddens me a little.

Squire is useless in my eyes. Not my cup of tea at least.

Rogue is melee… but if i need to be melee to use Linker, then maybe i should go for it? Something like Rogue, Linker, Shinobi?

Man its tough. Or maybe i am overreacting and Linker with BM is good? IF so, then what choice should i make for last subclass after BM>Linker? Please don’t say Enchanter or Thauma…


Linker is worth getting. Almost all Scout took Linker as one of the classes. The utility it provided is retarded good, for PvE end game content or just farming.

BM is pretty good for Linker, don’t need to AA the linked mobs you could just use Napalm or Overdrive. Tbh I’m kinda confused with what you’re aiming. Linker goes well with any damaging classes.


Linker + Thauma is the god of farming, Thauma without Linker is not worth getting. If you focus on farming, that is the combination you are looking for.

If not, I think BM + Linker + Enchanter is very strong and powerful. Linker is almost always picked because it’s very strong - not only because of the link itself, but specially because of electric shock, which is an amazing skill.

If you don’t like Linker, you can go Ench + Corsair, or other stuff, but BM have all the damage you need to tear things apart.


Linker is like saying you’re going scout, if your build is worth something chances are you are taking linker.

You don’t build around it because it’s more like something you can toss in each one.

You’re going to want damage, preferably big strong hits, BM would seem to not provide this, but Napalm does a great job with linker, and I still highly recommend it.

SR+BM is only good when you’re going primarily SR and just want silver bullet (Can be pretty big)

In the end what you want is BM-Linker-X it would appear, thauma is the usual choice because it turns it into a farmer but let’s go over some choices and what you want out of the character.

BM - Allows for AA, allows for some nuke with linker
Linker - Let’s your big hits hit harder, great grouping, electric’s attribute is also insane and nothing else is really touching it in the scout tree.

So what are you trying to round out the character to be in the end here?

This is your core build really right here if you go BM/Linker:

Anything that requires dagger is out the window because of DGS. No assassin
Don’t need a shop: No squire.
Most skills won’t work mounted: No SR
This leaves: Enchanter, Thaumaturge, Rogue, Corsair, Outlaw, Shinobi

Enchanter: You’re probably not wanting to buff your AA since you mainly want linker, so throw enchanter out, though it is a good choice.
Thauma: You in particular don’t want thaumaturge but it’s your best choice if you want to make a farmer that can semi-DPS.
Rogue: Doesn’t seem to have great synergy here, wouldn’t recommend it.
Corsair: Brutality does help, the skills are good, it’s an okay choice for more damage but primarily the buffs and silver drops.
Outlaw:Quite some evasion tanking, easier grouping for the link (Aggress w/ speed attrib), pretty good skills but they hit many times. Average choice.
Shinobi: Burst, bad AI.

Really hard choice to make if you’re trying to avoid enchanter or thauma for BM to be honest, I find outlaw corsair works good but is just plain better on an SR.

EDIT: Rogue can actually be a very strong choice, I had another look to see and most of the skills won’t require the dagger and can be used mounted so it’s fine even as an SR (Rogue SR ench might be strong)
This would be the core
I’m honestly not sure what to take between more points in Feint, Evasion (Sure it’s a lot but it doesn’t last long enough for anything, maybe if it was 14seconds), and Burrow (Sure the SFR is nice but…)


Ok, assuming i would pick BM and Linker, i think i would use linker more to support other class dmg burst rather then my own. I feel like Linker fits better with shinobi’s insane damage, but that would require me to go for dagger build so no BM. Outlaw also seems better with dagger so i can understand linker to fit in builds with dagger really well.

However i REALLY enjoyed BM AA spam, so i might actually try the Napalm skill for linker’s JP.

Guess i have no choice but to go with Enchanter or Thaumaturge afterall…