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What i can do? I need opinions about how could i find it


Months ago:

I dont need the marksman now, i want the feather hat :’(

2 days ago:


What i can do? ;-;… I really want that hat and would like to know how you think it could be obtained. I have looked at the rewards of gimmick points according to some forums, the hidden items that were obtained with the old skill of the scout, etc… help ;-;…



I have never seen that hat ingame, so it might be unobtainable


It was in tos.neet in the titles section, supposed to be the reward for obtaining 9000 gimmick pts. and the Capable Adventurer title.

It was dissapointing since I wanted it for my archer character.
It even says right there Feather Hat as the reward

The text was changed to Feather Helmet at present


i commend you for obtaining 9000 pts! :star_struck:

but yeah, its probably an old item that they changed/removed.
kinda like this shield that i always wanted to get, but its been long since extinct.


God, rly thx seriously… :’( :'3


Then i cant get It, i was confused lol ■■■■ :joy:, i thought It was the same hat with different name… :’(


Let’s see the answer…


:3 let’s see :smiley: