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What Gem and Ichor should i used for my pyro elem tao

Hello all,

Im still new to this game, would appreciate some advise on what kind of gems and ichor i should use for my equipments, thanks a bunch XOXO

Staff/Trinket: Blue gems
Gloves/Boots: Skill gems
Top/Bottom: Skills gems/yellow gem

Staff Random Ichor: INT/SPR/CON/Crit Rate (and Evasion/Accuracy/Damage Against Beast/Plant/Insect etc if you find)
Staff Fixed Ichors: Vaivora Pyro (rare) staff or Skiaclipse (fire pillar) staff
Trinket Random Ichor: INT/Crit Rate or CON/Crit Rate
Trinket Fixed Ichor: Vaivora (rare) or Moringponia or Asio
Armor Random Ichors: INT/CON/Crit Rate (and SPR/Evasion if you find)
Armor Fixed Ichors: Ignas plate INT/STR/CON or Skiaclipse leather INT/STR/Crit Rate (assault set) + Skiaclipse Gloves (INT/SPR/Crit Rate)


Thats great, thanks !