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What Does Block stats actually means? Or what is the effect of BLOCK

As the title says, I’ve been searching for an hour but i can’t seem to find the answer for this. What is the effect of Block? does it completely negate attacks or does it only reduce damage taken? please . anyone knows the answer for this?

block success reduce the dmg recieved by 50%.

block is a stat that provides a chance to trigger a passive damage reduction.
As far as I know, there is a hard cap on the block chance of 50% [it could be higher,though, it was capped at 80% in the past], so the chance of a block occurring is only 50% or lower, depending on your block stat and the enemies block penetration stat.

The damage reduction for blocking is limited to 30% if the block is passive, but there is also the option of “active block” via the subweapon button (c in keyboard/mouse mode, x button in controller mode) for Cleric classes, Swordsman classes and the Archer Class Quarrel Shooter.

An active block will put the shield in front of you, disabling all other control options(except turning around with the stick) as you keep the button pressed, but you will receive a bonus to your block value (550 block) and if you successfully block an attack while in this stance, the damage is reduced by 60% instead.

that info is outdated and no longer true

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30% reduction only apply in pvp and 60% when guard. pve still 60%