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What do you think is the new minimum Gear to do endgame Solo Content?

This question is more focused on the Solo Content that gives you Archstones or Archstone Fragments (because almost everything works around them now).

I was wondering if, as a new/returning player, your only option after leveling to 450+ and upgrading your Savinose EP12-1 Gear, was to just farm Silver and CM/Singularity/Automatch Content spam to get better Gear, or if there was a way to accelerate this. Then I remembered the Solo Content that have a chance to give you Archstones or Archstone Fragments, like Moringponia Legend Solo and Tel Harsha.

Normally the new/returning players at this level don’t do this content because it’s really hard and other people usually say that you should do them when you have good gear, but the minimun to at least try it isn’t very clear, since almost everyone that does this Solo Content (including myself), started doing them with better Gear. What I don’t like about this is that it leaves New Players without a challenge to try to overcome and just farm Silver until you get better Gear to farm Silver faster, and that makes this game a lot less appealing to them.

So, some time ago I asked myself the question in the tittle of this topic, and tried to do Moringponia Legend Solo Stage 4 (because it has a chance to give you an Archstone, and also Moth Talc Powder), and Tel Harsha Stage 7 (because if you can do Moring Stage 4, you can 100% do Tel Harsha 7 with enough practice, and at Stage 7 you have the best chance to get Archstone Fragments), with the least Gear investment I could.

I tried it with a Chaplain (any “non-meta/mandatory” Class would do, I chose Chaplain because I like them), with Attributs lv 100, the mandatory ARTs, no Enhance ARTs, Savinose EP12-1 Gear, Wonderous Ichors, Event Ark, Drakonas Accessories and a Boruta Seal, and didn’t go too well. So I changed the Wonderous Ichors for Goddess Ichors and a Lv 3 Seal, and it went better.

Here’s the result against Moringponia Stage 4.

And here against Tel Harsha Stage 7.

You can see the Equipment I used at the end of each video.

This result was bittersweet, because a Lv3 Seal and Goddess Ichors are really expensive, specially when you’re starting, so it’s a lot of investment still. But is the least I could do with that Class. It was really fun!

Do you think this “Gear Requirement” for this Solo Content can be lowered with other Classes? Or maybe, instead of a Lv3 Boruta and Goddess Ichors, a full Set of Glacia Armor (for the Raid damage Bonus) could be better? That’s a lot of investment too, to leave it at least T8, +11, and with Balinta. What do you think?

When do you think it’s safe to say to a New/Returning player “now you have the Gear to start trying this Content”?

Survivability is a big issue in Moring, especially if you use less tanky characters. Glacia Armors will definitely help with the damage reduction from raid bosses.

Considering Tel Harsha and Moringponia are the end game raids before Giltine patch came in, having the minimum goddess/demon ichors and a seal 3 isn’t too much to ask for tbh.

You can still clear Tel Harsha on lvl 4 (arch frag chance drops from lvl 1-5) and Moring on lvl 3 (arch frag chance drops from 3-5 and stone from 4-5)

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  1. Try to finish all the auto CM and auto DS voucher on monday, so you will be 40million richer
  2. Regulary check market to buy any cheap glacia armor/dark red stone piece/arch stone frag

In my experience, glacia armor set help me most in conquering solo content. Before that, i use savi dysnai+balinta+overload and still having hard time

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Yeah, in Moring the two hardest things are the survivability (more so when Tantalizer arrives), and enough DPS to kill the plants before they explode. with those two things you can do it with enough practice.

And true, with the new rewards you can even do Moring lvl 3 and still get Moth Talc Powders, and doing that you can do Tel Harsha in any level you can, and you can do that with even lower Gear~

I wasn’t sure how much a full Glacia Armor could help, so I tried with Goddess Ichors first, but maybe it’s better for a new player to go for Glacia first and then other things, that damage bonus and reduction in Raids is really good.

It’s good to know <3

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