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What do you guys think of this...?

Hello forum!

This is going to be my first time playing Tree of Savior since the Closed Beta. I searched through the old and new classes and I want to try out something crazy. I really like the idea of combining Druid and Inquisitor so I created my own build. To be honest, I don’t even know if I did the right thing;;

Also…when it comes to the stats…how should I spread them out?

Thank you for your time!

stats now is automatically distributed depending on your classes owO

There is a lot to go over here.

Inquisitor and Paladin go well with each other, and Druid improves almost every build it is added to. With Druid’s Chortasmata paired with Paladin’s generally high base CON and Stone Skin, the build is a good mix of offense and defense.

Cleric : I would not recommend only having 3 points invested in Smite. It’s definitely worth maxing on a build like this. You don’t really need Cure, so consider dropping that for a better Smite. Fade is good for getting some free setup time immediately after a boss spawns, and it can also buy you some time in situations where you or another party member are at low health.

Druid : Carnivory, Shape Shifting, and Transform are not particularly good. I think it’s better to max out every skill besides these 3 and Seed Bomb, then either dump the remaining points into Seed Bomb or split them between Seed Bomb and Shape Shifting/Transform. Chortasmata in particular is probably the best Druid skill overall, so it’s definitely worth maxing out. You’ll also want to enable the Druid attribute that converts its high INT and SPR scaling into high STR and DEX.

Paladin : Restoration is not a bad skill, but since you have a better heal over time in Chortasmata, you might not want it. Stone Skin is not very good compared to something like the basic Swordsman skill Bear or the Monk skill Iron Skin (for physical attacks), but it still makes you take less damage. Conviction boosts the damage of Smite, Demolition, God Smash, and to a lesser extent, Thorns and Chortasmata. It also deals decent damage itself, so it is worth maxing. Sanctuary requires the use of a shield and the ability to deal considerable damage over time to get the most out of it, so if you plan on taking Demolition, which requires a Two Handed Mace, it is not worth taking at all. Speaking of Demolition, its damage is fantastic. Definitely a skill to max.

Inquisitor : For a skill with a relatively low cooldown, God Smash lives up to its name in the damage department. It is a skill any Inquisitor should max out. Iron Maiden and Malleus are not very good in PvE, so I wouldn’t recommend using them. Whether you decide to max out Pears of Anguish or Breaking Wheel is up to you, but the other should be kept at 1 point.

On the whole, it’s not a good idea to evenly spread your skill points across all or most available skills in a given class. Some skills perform well enough at 1 point, while others need to be maxed to get the most out of them.

As for stats, I think the focus should be STR, then DEX, then CON, then SPR. STR is where your overall damage will come from, and DEX is useful for speeding up the animations of certain skills, like God Smash and Conviction, and increasing the damage of your physical crits. CON is just a generally good stat to have, though Paladin has a decent amount of it by default. SPR could arguably be more important than CON, but neither really does much for your overall damage. SPR is nice to have, though, because it boosts your healing ability.

As for gear recommendations, it’s mostly up to you. You might want to consider getting one of these at some point :

Oh wow! I did not know that’s possible now. That will truly make the game so much easier XD!

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Thanks for the tips! The information you provided gives me a clear idea of what I need to focus on! Do you think this build is more tanky dps or a hybrid class? I just want to make sure I’m not too squishy lmao.

By talking to a Cleric Class Master, you can create Mystic Tomes from two of their pages and 5 Blessed Gems. By getting the appropriate Tome and spending 36,000 attribute points, you can unlock this Art. What it does is turn Chortasmata into an amazing healing skill at the cost of any damage it would have dealt. There’s also another for Barrier which generally improves its ability to mitigate damage. Even without these, you should be able to survive most PvE content. It’ll be slightly tougher if you use a full set of leather armor, but in doing so you also get the damage and crit bonuses that come with it.

Basically, this build is able to pump out decent physical damage without much fear of being damaged itself. In a party, however, it can also use the combination of Barrier’s ability to redirect incoming damage to itself and Chortasmata’s powerful heal over time to soak up most of the damage its allies would take. Doing so can be risky for both your HP and equipment durability, though, so make sure to step outside of the Barrier and heal yourself up if things get out of hand.

My build doesn’t max out god smash simply because it’s weak. Yes, the damage is good, but other skills can deal considerably more damage when maxed out, depending on the situation (which is why I maxed out per of anguish and left god smash at lvl 13).
In this build you have a boost on god smash, so maxing it might be a good idea,though.

Pear should always be maxed, it’s by far the strongest inquisitor skill with the least requirement of setup (you just throw the pears some distance from the boss and watch them fly on him for 2x damage when he uses a magic attack). especially if you use 2 hand blunt (+10% damage from cleric attribute) or have a strike damage boost debuff like monk (goddess finger flick).

taking paladin is not providing enough dps boost to call it a damage build. Paladin in a dps build would require zealot on top of inquisitor to maximize the damage output over druid, especially since inquisitor is a burst class (the strongest skills all have 30 seconds cooldown or more).
In short, you trade damage for survival by adding paladin to your build.

Monk for example would provide a similar if not higher damage boost for your inquisitor compared to paladin, but has a relatively low survival kit (with the exception of golden bell shield[knockdown/status immunity] and iron skin [physical damage reduction]).

All in all it’s more of a hybrid build that allows you to focus more on recovery/party support than on damage. It’s similar to kabbalist regarding recovery and damage support, but a little more on the offensive side.