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What do i wear in high levels?

I mean, i know that we shoud go after velcofer, or, unique raids itens on cap levels.

But What Exatly shoud i get for my ful spr cleric, or a dopel for example, they require some diferent gearing i guess.

I see a lot of clerics, for exaple, whit spr bonuses in every single equipment, even if is soo hard for me to drop something that have the same status like that.

And how do i know what bracelet or necklace is a good one for me, like, i miss when i only had to know what is cafrisun set, or arde dagger. Now on higher levels i feel confuse about what equipment shoud i go after, what is istrong and stuff…

Quite normal.
For a Doppel, hunt down items that have STR(and if possible CON and DEX) they will go into the random ichor for your set and for the fixed ichor go either full ignas plate or Skiaclipse Plate(the one that gives STR).

For Clerics you will do almost the same about your random ichor but for SPR and for the fixed you can go for the skiaclipse that gives heal factor or for starters Masinios cloth set will do the job.
For the accessories the best i know is Carnas set that you can buy on the Uphill shop.

You can go to and search for legendary gears (aka velcoffer, savi or varna set). Legendary armors and weapons allow you insert to ichors (one random stats from field drop and one fixed stats from unique raids). Regardless what ichor you plan to use you need to obtain legendary gears. Velcoffer and savi are relatively cheap in the market due to how they are obtained and the “defects” they have. Varna gears have better set effects but require you do the 420 legendary raid or buy from market. As for the necklace or bracelets, the best ones are from the drakno sets, the second best are the uphill sets (both are legendary sets) and lastly the unique raid sets (you get for free from the exchange coins). Again you should look at in Ichor to armor and weapon is what will cost you the most which you should also look into.

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