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What compliments Warlock best? Also Card Question


Heya Saviors,

So my Guild needed a Warlock and I like the Warlock class from back in the days so I was like sure.
Currently running Pyro/Ele/WL which is an SP draining machine has the basic fun combos of dust+fireball flameground+meteor. But since im not all velc’d out yet I was thinking of playing bit more supportive or just subdamage instead of full damage since my gear is not amazing yet I should prob focus more on supporting.

In events like Boruta/Velc etc what do you guys think would compliment WL best for this scenario?
Also which cards do Wiz aim for to get?


I’m still using my old Ele-Wlk-RC. And I cry :frowning:

If you play pyro/ele/wlk for the pyro/ele combo, then warlock doesn’t add anything to your build. If you just want a warlock, simply go for dark based attacks all the way with Shodowmancer and/or Featherfoot.


FF’s poison based tho

You could still go for Bokor for a Dark themed mage + Hexing