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What class would be great for PvE?

I have a 1 Clerc > 3 Priest and I’m currently on my advancement class. What would be a great class for that build? Is Chaplain is cool? or should I choose Monk? I wanted to be a Kabbalist rank as I get to higher level. Thanks!

Stats are INT and SPR

i love chaplain to PvE but cause magnus is my favor skill in game :3

take a look

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I was thinking about being a Chaplain too but the problem is that the skill points. If I choose to be Chaplain can I increase it to Chaplain 2 or 3?

There is no Chaplain 2 or 3 :confounded:

There are some type of PvE build. You can do well in solo, dungeon, ET or Boss hunt but not all of them.

If you are Cleric> Priest3, you can do as these builds.
Cleric> Priest3 > Cleric2 > xxx >Kabbalist > xxx
Cleric> Priest3 > Chaplain> xxx > Kabbalist > xxx
Cleric> Priest3 > Pardoner2 > Kabbalist > xxx

Cleric2 is what people say a must but I don’t think so. You have Priest3 which should be better than only Cleric2 alone.

If you don’t pick Cleric2, pick Chaplain. Chaplain is Priest4 which is better than Priest3.

For both Cleric2 and Chaplain option, you should pick Oracle or Miko at rank 6, if you want to go Kabbalist because Kabbalist doesn’t have status recovery as PD.

The last, You can pick Pardoner2 for buff shop. Pardoner can remove debuffs too, so you don’t need Oracle or Miko.

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you have cleric you’re good to go.

Don’t go Monk if your stats are INT/SPR.
What are your stats ?
For Rank 6 you should indeed pick Oracle or Miko if you go Kabba, for the negative ailments protection/cure (if you don’t have Pardoner).
Miko has more DPS, but Oracle will bring a 30s long immunity shield aoe against magical damages.

Rank 5 you can go Diev for the -20% cd statue.
There’s Cleric 2 for more Heal tiles, a better Safety Zone and Diving Might (they’re all great, and if your party is good Heal/Mass Heal would be enough to heal).
You can also go Chaplain although it’s quite eh imo but it would bring you some solo DPS (at least at lower level), but it kills the buff slots in party plays.
A good choice (especially if you’re SPR) could also be Pardoner: you can sell your Priest buffs when you’re offline (have to get to Pardoner 2 though), Pardoner has an aoe cure skill, and it also has a MDEF buff.
Krivis is also possible since Daino is useful, but not that good unless you get to the higher circles.

My stats are INT (highest) and SPR and a little bit of CON is being Diev is worth it? It seems a lot of cleric goes to this class tbh.

Diev 1 carves a statue that lowers skills’ cd by 20% and slow enemies down, it’s always a useful statue to carve.
Diev 2 brings some extra DPS, an aoe to silence enemies, and Diev 3 brings a statue that gives you immunity for some time.
Since those effects are good and don’t depend on any stats (except for the Owls to deal damages), you can mix Diev with any build, which is why it is that popular.
Diev 1 would be mostly a filler with the need of -20% cd if some of the classes you pick have skills with high cooldowns.

If you have high INT and Priest’ Exorcise you could go Chaplain to make it even better, but it’s a 60s cd combo.
I wouldn’t go Pardoner with SPR that isn’t too high, it won’t be worth it as much.

You could probably go Chaplain and Miko at R5 and R6 for some extra DPS, since your classes so far, and Kabba, lack damages.
You can also switch Chaplain for Cleric 2 if you want extra heals. It brings safety, but it isn’t a total necessity.

I was meaning to put up my own thread on it but I too have some questions on where to go for cleric1-priest3, not because I made it yet but because I think stone skin with high spirit is completely necessary for higher level toons.

And that’s what’s my question is.For RANK 8 CONTENT (PvE only no PvP) what has been the most used skills for survival? After stone skin I can’t think of anything else but healing factor/counterspell


My build so far has been : Cleric- priest3-chap-cleric2-***-inquisitor

If there’s a better option than chaplain than I’m all ears but I don’t mind chap for solo play and to help my damage a lil bit , I will be playing with a cataphract and a cryo/chrono somewhat reliably but not ALL the time. End goal is to take my group to higher end content and not die, so we can start farming for 315 stuff running dungeons ET etc.

So far I was thinking Oracle to help farming if said materials, and could counterspell for magic mobs, plague1 for healing factor and bloodletting to help survive high damage mobs easier, and pardoner for magic defense up and to sell monstrance scroll, because without buying Dino scrolls taking chap and Priest3 is a nightmare for buff count

I think you forget about those immune spells. The rank 8, those Sterea Trofh, Statue of Goddess Ausrine and World Tree are the most necessary. They are so much better than Stone Skin and they don’t need any stat to be good.

For your build, you cannot get any of those spells because you invest too much those buffs and heal. I am so sorry about that.

I believe every classes has their own uses and when they are good and when they are bad are all depending on situation.

-Sterea troph while it’s nice, it’s also immobile
-ausrine has pretty long cooldown
-stone skin without high SPR is not good.

most of clerics are supplied with their own mitigation damage with advantage and disadvantage.
Chaplain is one of those which allow even high SPR build can DPS solo with that class

I didn’t say those are best but I feel sorry for what the person want but he got to the wrong road.

I can understand that.

in big picture, SPR is for buffs, int for damage.
If you’re dead set on priest 3 chaplain with int status, skip that stone skin.

-priest is all rounder can be followed by chaplain for solo mode
-diev is good on immobile defense/ long stay grind and excellent with ausrine on ET now usually paired either with krivis3 for melstis or miko to get statues everywhere
-krivis for popular and tasty 2 overcharge zaibas usually paired with taoist for godly thunder storm calling + bonus melstis
-paladin or monk while people said they are bad, they will complemented with inquisitor

your choice, OP… if you are aiming for damage, drop SPR and pump INT.
since you already on priest 3, chaplain is also an option to go if you’re aiming for damage and can end R7 or R8 with PD and/or inquisitor

Screw that. Read this thread should help you

I appreciate your honesty thanks, with what I have going on right now in my guild we already have thoes types of classes, (Taoist/druid2, diev3/krivis, krivis3/Taoist) but not a single one of them took priest 1 for ressurect. So we are in desperation for a full Priest build. At least that’s what I think. No one in the group has ressurect and if I pair with any of the other clerics in a two cleric, one sr3 and DPS/utiluty,. setup then we have the invincibility covered ( Priest+druid2/Priest+diev3).

For a NON INSTANCE dungeon I feel like thoes abilities aren’t worth too much as they are all immobile and grinding parties move too fast to use thoes spells. And that’s my main concerns. So if you have a better build ( this goes to anyone ) even if it’s non spirit I’m all ears. The only reason I took chap was so I could solo on my offtime without killing myself. But the main focus is something g to help my squishy ass archers and mages live rank 8 without lion head sheilds.

What are you talking about?

First, you said, you cannot think of any thing other than Stone Skin, Healing Factor and Counterspell.

Then you said you want to farming and do dungeon, ET.

But after I posted, you said you have every thing else in your guild and you don’t want the immobile immune because your party grind so fast.

You mean your party grind rank 8 map so fast?

Shoud you just said want you really want before ask people what you should do?

And After you said, you want to be Cleric1>Priest3>Chaplain>Cleric2>Oracle>Inquisitor, you said you want to focus on helping archers and mage to stay alive?

How Inquistor can do that? Kill every thing before your teammates die?
Counterspell is also stationary thing. You did not have any problem at first, why?
How many people do you grind with? So many Cleric with Archer and Wizard?

Did you even read your first post before post the second one?

To whomever is curious, I’m running this build at Lv330. Invest a bit in gear and you’ll be a beast. Stat distribution is 30 CON all else INT.

(based on headgear equipped)
2.4K ~ 2.7K Magic Attack
2.2K ~ 2.9K Physical Defense (with Lv17 Aspersion from Pardoner)
1.9K ~ 2.5K Magic Defense (5 x Lv10 Nuaele)

No equipment above Lv270 or +10, no ET gear. Stage 2 trans at most. Full Cloth Set.

And yes, it can do everything, outdamage your mates (if you want), support them (remove damage on heal :stuck_out_tongue: ), solo all field maps, farm (bonus speed with resetting), survive (lots of 1s) and honestly, it will probably get you through ET 40 with your mates (not that it’s best for it).

It is no a bad build but I confuse so much about what the person what to do. There is no build that can do everything. How this build can help squishy archers and mages alive at rank 8 without lion head shields?

The said archer(s) also have the responsibility to gear up and actually invest.

On the flipside, without equipment sharing, my archer has 1,759 PDef with 1000~ MDef and 1.8K~ PAtk with 800~ CAtk and 750~ CRate.

I’m not a burden, nor do I need to rely on a cleric for absolute survival.

The term [squishy] only applies to [in the process of gearing] people.

Just because there’s a cleric doesn’t mean they can slack off LOL!

PS: I have no CON (11,002 HP) at Lv320.

I think I got a reply like this before. The person said if you have some good gear set or something and you can play, you would never die.

But in this case, this person want to help his teammates to stay alive and ask about how to build on that focus. Should we give the build he want or we should tell him that his teammates will never die?